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There are discreet massage parlors that offer sexual services all over the United States. Rubmaps brings them all into one place for your convenience.
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What is Rubmaps?

Ready to find a massage parlor in your area to provide a satisfying happy ending massage? Looking for a talented massage therapist who will not only relax you with her talented hands, but also help give you an explosive finish? Look no further than Rubmaps.

Rubmaps is a review site that lists all of the discreet massage parlors across the whole country, from the big franchise places to the discreet backdoor establishments. It's not an underground website. It's a legitimate service used by thousands of clients all across the United States, helping connect men with a sexy spa worker who will put her hands to good use.

It's not a dating site or a hookup site, but it will still provide you with more sexual pleasure than you could ever imagine. With easy access to talented massage therapists and sex workers right at your fingertips, it's no surprise that so many customers are choosing Rubmaps over traditional dating sites.
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Why Use Rubmaps?

Sometimes you want fun and want it now. Sure, you could try talking to women on dating apps, but it can take a few weeks or even months before these prudish ladies put out. In today's busy world, a lot of guys don't have time for that. They just want to be able to get instant release from a hot, talented babe whenever they crave it.

That's why Rubmaps is the go-to service for men who want to get down to business with no fuss. Rubmaps lists all of the sexual massage services in the city so you can easily find a gorgeous Asian babe to stroke your dick until it explodes. Not to mention that Rubmaps is able to put you in contact with thousands of local working girls who know exactly how to get a man off.

Whether it's erotic massages, nuru massages, or a simple happy ending, Rubmaps will show you exactly what you're looking for and where to find it. Whether you want to call it sex work or prostitution, it's all the same thing. You pay for a massage and you get to enjoy ultimate relaxation. You love it. They love it. It's the perfect service for people who want stress-free sexual freedom.

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How Does Rubmaps Work?

You signup to the site, you filter down to your location (state, city, town) and you'll find a list of every massage parlor, massage spa and similar establishment within your selected parameters.

From here, you simply choose a place from the list and read all of the reviews available from real people who've actually been there. You'll find contact details, a list of sexual acts on offer and information about the skillful girls who offer these sexual delights.

Everything is reviewed, from the hotness of the masseurs to the comfort of the furniture. You'll find advice on which masseurs will jack you off the best, how to contact them and how to keep things discreet as possible.

And once you've visited some of these places yourself, you're free to leave your own review and let other members know your thoughts and experiences. Put simply, Rubmaps is a one-stop hub for all your adult massage needs. There's no need to waste time masturbating alone when there's a hot Asian fox who's willing to do it for you right on your doorstep.

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Powerful Features to Find Exactly What You're Looking For

Rubmaps is more than just a review site. It has plenty of features available for you to enjoy. From exclusive member perks to local sex worker reviews, here's all the Rubmaps features on offer:

Quick & Easy Sign Up

Gain access to everything on the Rubmaps website in just a few minutes. Sign up with your username and email and you're good to go. No personal information is required.

Massage Parlors All Over The United States

From the big franchise massage parlors to the back alley establishments, Rubmaps covers every massage parlor, spa and massage service business in your area.

Rubmaps Reviews

Every parlor, spa and business has at least one review, usually many more. Big name sex spas like Asia Day Spa in Florida have literally thousands, allowing you to get a fantastic feel of parlors and spas before committing.

Gorgeous Asian Females

Every Rubmaps review goes into great detail, mentioning the services available, how hot the workers are and whether or not they speak English.

Genuine Reviews

Unlike other review sites, every review left on the Rubmaps website is completely genuine and has been written by a real person. No spam, no false advertisements disguised as reviews.

Escort Reviews

Rubmaps reviews don't just include parlors and spas. The website has a section for local sex worker reviews too. These reviews are highly detailed, including the services provided to how much money the women charge.

Easy Search Function

Keyword search for local parlors, spas and call girls. These include location, services on offer, massage types and much more.

Real Massage Services

All of the Asian massage parlors listed on Rubmaps are totally real, reputable businesses that you can visit that very same day or night.

Best Asian Massage Parlors

Check any city on the Rubmaps sidebar and you'll be shown the best three spas the area has to offer. This means you don't have to waste time trying to search for a place that offers instant gratification.

Better Than Google Searches

Not every business on the Rubmaps website shows up on Google searches. That's why our search function offers customers much better results.


Rubmaps relies on the money of its users to function, that's why our website has no ads whatsoever. This means the site runs as smoothly as possible. and links

Safe and Secure Website

Rubmaps is a trustworthy website with no ads, fake accounts or spambots. Your personal information is completely safe from third parties and police.

Dedicated App

Get the Rubmaps app for your phone so you can find parlors and spas on the move. The app is crisp, simple and easy to navigate.

Members Area

Our members are is full of tidbits such as tips and links to new parlors in your area. You can also chat with other members of our massive community.

Consensual Adults Only

Rubmaps only advertises workers and establishments that have consented to being on our website. We check to ensure that every business we advertise is genuine and trustworthy.
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Finally, Find Massage Parlors with Girls that Put Out

Everyone knows that dating is a chore. Most men just want to get laid instantly, and if that means handing over a little money then so be it. The ladies in these massage parlors know exactly what you're there for and they won't hesitate to give you exactly what you need. These Asian beauties are very skilled with their hands, and that extends to much more than just massage therapy.

Happy Endings

This is what most clients look for when choosing a massage parlor. A happy ending massage is when your Asian hottie caresses you until you can't hold back anymore. She'll use gels and oils for maximum pleasure and ensure that you leave her massage parlor with a big smile on your face.

Crazy Sex Acts

It's not just happy endings that these wild, beautiful girls offer. A lot of them are willing to go the extra mile to keep you satisfied. Imagine it now, a petite Asian beauty in her sexy massage outfit, wrapping her legs around you on her massage table. That's the kind of service that keeps a man coming back for more!

Thousands Of Happy Customers

As you'll see from every Rubmaps review, there are millions of guys out there happy to exchange money for a satisfying rub down. Why waste time chatting to women on dating sites when you can find a sexy, willing masseur in your location using the Rubmaps app on your phone? If you're not sure where to start, just check the top three spas in your city.

Call Girls Galore

If it a massage spa isn't for you, then Rub Maps provides contact details for thousands of call girls in your area too. These wild and frisky hotties don't do their business through an agency, either. You're free to contact them directly and arrange a meeting a time and location that works for you both. You can have some fun in a hotel, in your car, or in their apartment complexes if that suits you.
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Rubmaps Makes Finding Sex Easy

Our site aims to put the power back in the client's hands. Finding a discreet massage spa can be difficult in a world where law enforcement are cracking down on adult work. But with Rubmaps, you don't have to worry about anyone discovering your naughty little fetish, whether that's your friends, your wife or the police!

Direct Contact

Rubmaps is not an agency. Site members are put in direct contact with the workers and businesses on the other end, whether that's a local spa or a working girl. Their contact details are ready available and can be reached by phone, email or a number of other safe and secure methods.

Cheap Sexual Services

What that means is that you pay the absolute lowest prices for sexual services. Without an agency being involves, these pro working girls don't have to share their cut of the profits. That means they can provide happy endings for much less than you'd pay from an agency worker.

No Illegal Activity

Nothing that goes on on Rubmaps is illegal, meaning the police and law enforcement have no say here. Your conversations with spa workers are encrypted so police will never be able to see them. Every business on Rubmaps is a legitimate establishment that offers professional massage services with just a little bit on the side.

Helping Stop Trafficking

We do everything we can to help stop the rise of human trafficking. Our site has already helped bust a number of shady establishments across the United States, including busting Patriots owner Robert Kraft in a trafficking scam. We only advertise genuine, consensual adult workers on our platform so you'll never have to worry.

Other Sites Can't Compete

There is no website out there that does what we do. Rubmaps is a unique, one-of-a-kind platform that promotes consensual adult work from professional masseurs, call girls and everything in between. Our aim is to connect customers and consensual adult workers together in a safe and controlled environment.
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The Last Massage Parlor Site You'll Ever Need

Join the thousands of customers on Rub Maps today and change your sex life for the better. You don't need to waste time on dating sites when a discreet massage parlor is only a few clicks away. You don't need to be a fan of massages to enjoy everything Rubmaps has to offer.

It's never been easy to find a consensual masseur or adult worker to have some intimate fun with. No longer do you have to prowl the streets or go through an expensive agency, not when Rubmaps can connect you with willing babes for half the price right from the smartphone in your pocket.

Rubmaps has gone from being an underground website to a worldwide platform used by millions of men and women the world over. Are you tired of porn videos? Want a real woman to show you a good time? Gain access to this site completely free today and start enjoying a world of massage therapy sex. We promise it will be the best decision you ever made!

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Rub Map Success Stories

Don't just take our word for it. We have thousands of loyal, satisfied customers who rely on our service to find happy ending massages at their leisure. Here's what some of them have to say:
Rick's Rubmaps review

I'm always open to new sexual experiences and Rubmaps is one website I can't live without. It's helped me connect with hot Asian masseurs and local sex workers better than any place or agency I've used before. I can talk to these women directly and communicate my needs, and it's all discreet and safe. I can even pay via the phone app. I love it!

23 comments, 16 shares
Steve's Rubmaps review

I've been using Rubmaps for years, back from when it was an underground website right up 'til today. Honestly, it's never been as good as it is now. The sheer number of spas and parlors is mindblowing. It lists literally hundreds of places in my little town I didn't know existed! I've always hated dating, so Rubmaps is perfect for when I've got an itch only a happy ending can scratch.

103 comments, 56 shares
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Still have Questions?

Is Rubmaps Legit?

Yes, Rubmaps is a legitimate review site that lists massage parlors, massage spas and happy ending services in every area of the United States. The site lists user reviews for all of the local services so you can find quick sexual gratification from a reputable establishment.

Is Rubmaps Real?

Yes, Rubmaps is a real, legitimate review site that provides customers reviews for every massage parlor in the United States. It's a site to help people find a local business that provides discreet sex services for instant, paid satisfaction. A premium membership is required for full access to this service.

How to Cancel Rubmaps Subscription?

1. Head to the Rubmaps website
2. Click "login" in the upper right corner of the Rubmaps website
3. Input your email address and password
4. Scroll down and click the "cancellation" option
5. When prompted, click "Yes" in the pop-up window
6. Log out of the Rubmaps website

How much is Rubmaps?

Rubmaps has two membership options, one month and 12 months. A one month membership costs $19.99 and a 12 month membership costs $149.99. You can browse limited sections of the Rubmaps website as a free user, but a premium account is required to use the site in full and read reviews.

Attention: Zero Tolerance for Sex Trafficking - A Note on National Human Trafficking Hotline

Rubmaps operates a zero tolerance policy on sex trafficking. If any of our customers suspect any of the massage parlors on Rubmaps are a front for illegal services, we encourage them to report this activity to the National Human Trafficking Hot Line. This information will then be passed on to local law enforcement, state department police and multi-agency investigators.

Massage parlors have long been associated with prostitution, sex trafficking, human trafficking and more, but Rubmaps is helping put an end to these illegal activities by working closely with police and law enforcement to keep customers, clients and potential victims safe. No fraud. No victims forced against their will. Just happy masseurs and clients enjoying some discreet and explicit fun.